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Nordic design and quality

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Building a better world

Designed with care

In our efforts to create products that reflect our responsibility to the environment and our commitment to quality, we have carefully selected each component. Our products are made with materials chosen with both the environment and aesthetics in mind. The felt in our products consists of 50% recycled plastic, while the veneer comes from forests focused on responsible forestry. These materials are hand-selected to ensure the highest quality and a beautiful finish.

One room at a time

Our purpose is clear.

We don’t just aim for aesthetic designs. We strive to design environments that are modern, healthy, and welcoming – perfect for both living and working.

Our focus is on enhancing emotional well-being and making a positive societal impact.

We truly believe our sustainable contributions can make a difference. After all, building a better world begins in our own living rooms and offices.

Made in Denmark

Craftsmanship and quality are in our DNA.

Rooted in Ribe, Denmark, we’re proud to produce all our Akupanels for the European market in-house.

Keeping production close to home allows us to ensure optimal working conditions and optimize every detail for finesse and finish. 

We carefully select materials from local European suppliers who share our appreciation for nature.

As the inventors of the original Akupanel, our goal is to consistently set the bar high while contributing to a better, more sustainable world.

Danish production

Enhance your well-being

Sound Class A – the best possible rating.

In an official sound test, our Akupanel reached the highest rating possible – Sound Class A. To reach Sound Class A, you must install mineral wool behind the panelsSee our installation guide.

However, you can also install the panels directly on your wall, and by doing so the panels will reach Sound Class D, which is also very effective when it comes to dampening the sound.

As you can see on the graph, the panels are most effective at frequencies between 300 Hz and 2000 Hz, which are the common noise levels that most people are experiencing. This means that the panels will dampen both high and deep sounds. The graph is based on acoustic panels mounted on a 45 mm batten with mineral wool behind the panels.

See the official sound test here.

Your trust, our responsibility

We’re deeply committed to maintaining a transparent and ethical relationship with you, our valued customers.

Our aim isn’t just to meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring your satisfaction.

Because when you’re happy, we know we’re doing something right.

To fulfill this responsibility, we keep our lines of communication open. Whether you prefer to call us, email, chat online, or schedule an online meeting, we’re here to assist you.

Take a closer look at what makes the
Akupanel unique

Felt made of recycled plastic bottles

Our acoustical felt is made from recycled plastic, which means that we take a waste product and transform it into something useful and beautiful.

MDF board

Our core consists of a medium density fibreboard and is available in black or natural.

Wood from sustainable forestry

All the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry, which ensures that the forest can reproduce more trees than cutted.

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