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The akupanels are very easy to rework and adapt to the right size and form. After mounting on a wooden frames + glass wool they offer an impressive change of the room acoustic, the bedroom has never been so quiet.
Great quality panels and delivery in the Netherlands
Awesome product! Stylish and trendy. A few panels make a huge difference. Easy to install.
Very fast shipping and good support. What I really liked is the quality of the wood and the fact that the MDF part is colored thoroughly. When sawing the panels the wood it remained free of splinters.
Fortunatly I can revise the review below. Woodupp had a christmas stop for 3 weeks and was overwelmed with requests. The shipment is on its way and I’m sure it will arrive save. Old review: I hope I can revise this review soon. I placed an order beginning of december. Unfortunately the shipment didn't arrive yet. I fully understand that with the current circumstances shipments are being delayed. But what worries me is that there is no response at all on my several requests for a status update of the shipment


From £130.00 per piece (VAT included)

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£3.99 per sample

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Why not take a look at our new collection. We have developed a selection of exciting new surfaces and colours.

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Class A Sound Absorption

Primarily used in commercial spaces, our acoustic panels provide excellent sound reduction. Due to their warm soft aesthetics, more and more private clients are choosing them for their own residences.

Environmental Sustainability

Throughout the production process, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment. Our eco-sustainable approach means we produce all our products using sustainable or recycled materials.

Produced in Denmark

All of our products are produced in the Denmark, supporting local manufacturing and high EU quality standards. At the same time, keeping transport routes as short as possible and minimising CO2 emissions.

Quick and easy installation

Installation of acoustic panels has never been easier. All our products come prefabricated and can be mounted directly to the wall or on battens to increase the acoustic performance.

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Look at the Akupanels on your wall

You can easily take a photo of your room and see the different colours of our Akupanels. So you can have a look which colour is the best.

Discover the Akupanel range.

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