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How should your Akupanel | Moss be mounted?

Akupanel | Moss Assembly Installation guide

How to install moss panels

You will need this:

Moss panels are easy to mount – all you have to do is to drive screws through the felt and into the wall. It’s as simple as that.

You can find screws here.

If you would rather glue the panels onto the wall you can find the glue here.

For a beautiful finish on your wall buy our end lamellas here (each lamella is 240cm):

Step 1: Measure the wall and fasten the screws

Measure your wall and mark where you want the panels to be mounted. Use a bubble level in order to make it straight. Drive the screws through the moss and a bit into the felt, so they’re ready for being mounted onto the wall.


Step 2: Mount the panels with screws

Mount the panels by driving the fastened 30mm screws (screws not included) into the wall in the desired spot. Use 4-5 screws per panel.

Mounting with screws

Step 3: Mount the panels with glue

If you want to glue the panels to your wall instead – put glue on the felt side of the panel, and press the panel against the wall in the desired spot. Hold the panel and press it against the wall for around 10-15 seconds.

Mounting with glue

Step 4: Cutting the panels

If the panels need to be cut in size you can use a pocket knife. Cut from the felt side for an even cut.

Cutting the panels

Step 5: Add a beautiful finish with end lamellas

If you want to add a beautiful finish to your moss wall you can add end lamellas to the sides of the panel area. Cut end lamellas to the wished length with a circular saw, and make sure to cut the ends in bevel.

End lamellas

Now you’re done!

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