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Let your impeccable taste spark conversation. Transform your space with a minimalistic Nordic vibe, and create a comfortable environment where you can truly feel at ease.


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Enhance your sound environment with our Akupanels, featuring special felt backing made from 60% recycled plastic for optimal noise absorption. It’s ideal for fostering a comfortable, relaxing space with it’s “Sound Class A” rating.


The slats not only establish a minimalistic Nordic look but also aid in breaking the sound waves. Our core is composed of medium-density fibreboard, available in either black or natural.


Our surfaces are selected based on the principles of Nordic Design philosophy. All materials are of the highest quality and the veneer is sourced from sustainable forestry.

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Class A sound absorption

Achieve a serene, reverberation-free environment with Akupanel 300. They absorb and fragment sound waves, reducing stress and enhancing overall comfort. By installing mineral wool behind the panels, you can achieve a Class A rating, which represents the pinnacle of sound dampening performance. This installation not only improves acoustic quality but also ensures a calm atmosphere ideal for both work and relaxation.

Made from sustainable materials

If you value sustainability and local production, our products are the perfect choice for you. Our acoustical felt is crafted from 55% recycled plastic, promoting material reuse and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, we source our wood from sustainable forests, supporting environmental conservation. By choosing our products, you are not only enhancing your space with superior acoustics but also supporting eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing processes.

Made in Denmark

Our unwavering commitment to premium quality is exemplified through our dedication to local production. By crafting our products in Denmark, we ensure that each piece adheres to the strict standards of Nordic Design. Our focus on Danish production not only underscores our quality assurance but also celebrates the rich tradition and heritage of Scandinavian craftsmanship.

Simple installation

Akupanel 300 are designed for hassle-free installation, making them an invaluable time-saver for professionals and a great, accessible project for DIY beginners. The user-friendly design ensures that even those with minimal experience can easily transform their space without the need for specialised tools or skills. Experience the convenience and satisfaction of a quick, stress-free installation that allows you to transform your environment with ease and confidence.

Simple installation.

A straightforward DIY-project. Transform your space in no time.

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