Written by Pia Lund

About the writer:

Pia works in Denmark at WoodUpp customer support. When she has time beneath answering phone calls and responding to emails, she writes blog posts like this one. And after work she loves to bake (a lot). Yum!

We receive a lot of images from our customers, and I would like to share some of the coolest projects with you.

Some projects are largely than others but they all share similarities like it having rare and unique features.

I hope this blog can give you a few ideas that you might want to use in a future project for your home or workspace.

Let’s begin!

Detail  #1 – A curvy slat wall / room divider.

I nearly fell off my chair when I first saw these cool images, as you are about to see it shows just how flexible the Akupanels are, which still shocks me to this day and something that not many people know.

Only a few people know this trick! Using the Akupanels in this way is a very rare and uncommon detail.

The felt we use is made from recycled PET materials and it is such a fantastic material!

Apart from the fact that it is excellent when it comes to dampening sound in the room, it is also very flexible at the same time, which enables you to bend the akupanel to make some very cool curves. 

In this image you can see just how bendy the Akupanels are. You can bend them around soft corners, without the panels breaking. Got some round corners in your room? Then this is something you might want to consider doing.

Detail #2 – A two-dimensional headboard.

You are about to see the coolest headboard that I’ve ever seen.

The uncommon detail that you are about to see, is that the headboard is two-dimensional – one slat wall on top of another. Most people just choose to install the panels in one row directly on the wall, but this detail just takes the headboard to a new level creating a whole different look.

You have the headboard in front, and the wall behind it has been covered with Akupanels.

This gives a modern look and shows that you do not have to change the whole room, but if you just make small adjustments, the room gets a totally new look without it costing too much to renovate the whole area.

Detail #3 – Take your shelves and cabinets to the next level.

I love this kitchen! It’s almost futuristic. The two details that you should pay close attention to is the way that the Akupanels have been used a backing for the glass closets.

As in the last picture with the headboard, this clearly shows that you can make big improvements in a room with on a small amount of panels which is very economically efficient.

Firstly we have the detail in front with the small shelves which is pretty cool.

But what I think is the coolest in this kitchen is the cabinet in the background with the glass doors.

When you use the panels in this way you instantly make the things you have at display in your closet look even more exclusive.

Secondly you should pay attention to the lighting that is made with LED-strips.

I wont go into further details about this (yet), because we have another image coming up that goes more into depth with that.

Detail #4 – Integrated door in a slat wall.

We actually get a lot of questions regarding hidden doors that are integrated into the slat wall itself. However, not a lot of our customers choose to go all the way and actually create the project but its such a wonderful idea that people never regret when they do take the jump.

To create a hidden door requires a lot of skill.

It may look like a small project but once its done its totally worth it.

You need to make sure the measurements are correct and precise to ensure everything fits in correctly.

Detail #5 – LED lighting.

Okay, now that I think about it, using LED’s in combination with the Akupanels is something that used to be uncommon, but it is not that rare anymore. To be honest it is something that is trending right now and it looks so good in any room.

The lighting on the wall can make the difference between an ordinary slat wall and an extraordinary slat wall.

In this case the lighting is installed behind the shelves spreading the light on the panel.

In general, you can use the LED-lighting to really make your panels stand out from a dull room.

Feel free to steal the ideas.

The reason I wanted to write this blog is that I want to make sure that people know what is possible to do with the Akupanels.

Judging by the feedback I get when I share these ideas, when I talk to customers on the phone is, that people really find it useful and inspiring and it gives them ideas they never thought of considering.

So I hope this blog gave you some amazing ideas and tips about what you could potentially do with the panels in your home.

Feel free to “steal” the ideas!

Let’s make the uncommon details less uncommon so everyones homes are looking fabulous!

Have a lovely day!

// Pia

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