Find out how we work with architects and how you can use our products in your projects.

Impress your customers with our products. They are modern, easy to use and sustainably produced.

In recent years, we have collaborated with architects who has been using our products for projects all over the world. They use our panels for creating slat walls and ceilings that add a Scandinavian look to the room. If you have an idea for your next project, then reach out to us – we would love to help you bring your ideas to life.

Project "8-Kanten" - 500 Akupanels in one conference room.

Why work with WoodUpp?

Give your walls or ceilings a modern look.

Bring the minimalist Scandinavian look to your next project. Slatted walls and ceilings gives any room a modern look - your customers will love it.

Sustainable materials.

Our products are made from sustainable materials. The felt we use is made from recycled PET materials and the wood comes from sustainable forestry.

Considerable improvement of the acoustics.

Our acupanels do not only look good - they also correspond to sound class A (when correctly installed). They remove reverberation and create a healthy sound environment.

Save time (and money) during installation.

The installation of lamella walls and ceilings using the traditional method is expensive. Thanks to our design, the joiners/carpenters can install them in no time at all, which saves you a lot of manpower and money.

Short delivery time.

Do you have a short deadline? We produce our products locally in our small factory in Denmark. This enables us to keep a short delivery time of approx. 2-3 weeks (even for large orders).

Produced in Denmark.

In Denmark we are known for our great design and our ability to create products of the highest quality. This will certainly benefit you, your project and ultimately your customers.

Do you need some information and 3D models for your visualisations? We have put everything together for you in one place.

We offer a wide range of products which you can inspire your customers.

Our customers usually use our products to give their projects a Scandinavian look. With our products it is easy to give a minimalist and modern look to the projects and spaces you are working on.