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Sound matters. Dive deep into the world of
acoustics with WoodUpp and discover how our
panels not only elevate your space visually but
also enhance its sound quality.

Our panels are meticulously crafted to absorb
unwanted noise, creating a serene environment.
Whether you’re aiming for Class D or the pinnacle
of Class A sound absorption, our panels deliver.

Explore the science and art of sound with us and
experience the difference. Scan the QR code
below to find more information.

Directly Mounted to the Wall:

  • Absorption Coefficient: 0.35 (MH)
  • What it means: When the panels are directly attached to the wall, they absorb about 35% of the sound that hits them. Think of it like this: if 100 sound waves hit the panel, 35 of them get absorbed, and the rest bounce back. It’s like a sponge that soaks up 35% of the water you pour on it.
  • Classification: Class D
  • In Simple Terms: This is a basic level of sound absorption. It’s better than having no panels at all, but there are more effective ways to mount these panels for better sound absorption.

Suspended 65mm with 45mm Air Gap:

  • Absorption Coefficient: 0.60 (MH)
  • What it means: In this setup, the panels are suspended away from the wall, but instead of mineral wool, there’s just an empty space or “air gap” behind them. These panels can absorb 60% of the sound waves. So, for every 100 sound waves, 60 get absorbed, and 40 bounce back.
  • Classification: Class C
  • In Simple Terms: This is a middle-ground setup. It’s better than directly mounting the panels but not as effective as the setup with mineral wool. It’s like a sponge that soaks up a good amount of water but not as much as the super sponge.

Suspended 65mm with 45mm Mineral Wool:

  • Absorption Coefficient: 0.9 (MH)
  • What it means: Here, the panels are not directly on the wall. Instead, they’re hung or “suspended” a little bit away from the wall, and there’s a layer of “mineral wool” (a type of insulation material) behind them. With this setup, the panels can absorb 90% of the sound waves that hit them. So, out of 100 sound waves, 90 get absorbed, and only 10 bounce back.
  • Classification: Class A
  • In Simple Terms: This is a top-notch setup! It’s like having a super sponge that soaks up almost all the water you pour on it. It’s great for places where you really want to minimize noise or echoes.

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