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Pia works in customer service at WoodUpp Denmark. When she is not busy answering phone calls or responding to emails she writes blog posts like this one.
And in her spare time she bakes (a lot). Yum!

Almost everyday we get requests from customers, who want to know if it’s possible to mount a Tv on our Akupanels, and if so, how it will look when it’s done. Therefore I thought I would write this blogpost to show you how great it can look, when you mount your tv on our Akupanels.

Before we move on, however, I would like to briefly point out that if you want to start mounting your TV on the panels, keep in mind that the panels are not made to carry anything.

Therefore, be sure to mount the television hanger through the felt, and into the wall.

Okay, now I will allow myself to present the top 10 walls, where a TV has been installed on our Akupanels.

Let’s see if you get inspired!

# 1 - New Yorker TV wall

In the first picture we have a combination of the Akupanels and a Newyorker wall. I personally think that this is such a great match! The natural wooden look and the cold steel look amazing! And is very popular in Europe at the moment.
And I really understand why!

Another cool thing in this picture is also that the Akupanel is centered on the wall.

Normally the Akupanels will go all the way to the edges and corners, but this gives it a more fun look.

10/10 if you ask me!

#2 - Fireplace and TV

This is nice. I like the idea of ​​building a box with the panels, then mounting the TV at the top and a bio fireplace at the bottom.

It is rare we see this kind of construction. We most often see Akupanels are mounted directly on the wall, but here they have just taken a little extra time to build out of the Akupanels.

Is it just me, or do you really feel like picking up a good cup of tea, lying on the couch and throwing a good movie on the screen. It screams ‘Come and relax’!

#3 - The TV frame

Okay, how cool is this picture? Once again, we have some Akupanels that have been centered on the wall, instead of letting the Akupanels go all the way to the edges and corners.

But it does not matter. It looks really cool, and what just gives it a little extra spice is clearly that the ceiling goes up to kip. It definitely adds something extra to the space and becomes far more exclusive and fancy to look at.

So if you have a sloping ceiling, do not hesitate. It can easily be done.

#4 - The modern and northern look

This looks almost like a picture from a magazine. I like how they combine all the different colors from dark to light, with their very beautiful decorations. This customer knows how to furnish their home, so everything matches perfectly. 

And if we take a look at the corner, normally we have end lamellas if you want to mount Akupanels around corners, but this customer made sure that the ending was a wooden slat, and then they started with felt from the other side again.

Overall I like the finish and how everything matches.

#5 - LED frame

As we have talked about in previous blog posts, LED lights have really taken over. And I totally understand. 

I think it gives the Akupanel a new look. 

But the thing I also like about this project, is the long TV stand. I like how it goes from one wall to another. It looks like it has been built to this little nutch in the wall.

They have also made a frame out of the Akupanels. Look how they have cut the Akupanels, so the TV fits into the hole/frame.

And then I just love how the TV looks like a picture!

#6 - Big screen TV?

Okay, this is cool! When I first took a look at this picture, it kinda looked like the TV was fitted to the whole black area.

Like a giant big screen! That would have been over the top!

Here we have a bit of the same, as the last picture, with a frame around the TV, but this customer just took it to the next level, where the acoustic part will be very different.

#7 - Full wall

We love when you go all in, and mount an entire wall with our  Akupanels. It gives a completely wild expression and then it also just looks good.

But in addition to looking good, you will also find that by mounting your TV directly on the Akupanels, you will also achieve a much better sound quality of your TV, and in this case, also the large speakers.

We also see in this picture that the Akupanels are mounted all the way to the edges. Some choose to mount them all the way down to the floor, others let them rest on the foot panel. It’s a matter of taste, what one thinks is nicest.

#8 - Half wall

In this picture, the customer has chosen to mount 2 panels. Some will think it may look half-finished, but I think it does something very special to the room. You quickly get the feeling that this customer knows what he / she is doing. It gives more edge to the room and it gives, especially this room, a warmer feel.

This also proves that you do not have to mount an entire wall in your living room to get a feeling of delicacy.

And that the television is mounted ‘skewed’ in relation to the panels, I think gives some edge and just looks sooo cool!

#9 - The retro home

I think this picture is really cool. First of all, the lamp that lights up the Akupanels is really nice. It is mega retro, but fits perfectly.

Next, I notice how it looks like the Akupanels almost look like a room divider, and I think that gives a mega bold effect.

And as we talked about in the previous picture, the Akupanels are mounted all the way down to the floor this time, and that can also be really cool!

And I can hardly help but comment on the fireplace. It is soooo cool!

#10 - Good use of space.

I think this is pretty cool! Here they have managed to use half a wall for something productive. Normally such a wall would be a waste, but here the customer has managed to use it, and if you ask me, then it looks really good.

When you live very bright, like here, the Akupanels just break it all with its warm glow.

But as you also can see in the background that the customer has used them in several places. And we love it!

Well, back to the TV area, I think it’s a really nice cozy nook that the customer has managed to make.

Conclusion – Mounting Akupanels behind your TV is a thing!

So what did we learn? 

After all, mounting your TV on our Akupanels is definitely an option. It can easily be done, and you can actually mount it in several different ways. The most common way is definitely a full wall with Akupanels, but we also see more people buying around 2 Akupanels, and then they mount the TV skewed in relation to the panels, and that can do something!

In addition, you also get better sound from your TV if you mount them on the Akupanels. 

So in addition to the sound being top notch, it also just looks good. It’s a win win!

So there is not much more to say one: Jump into it. Make your own home theater, or just a super cozy TV room.

Thanks for reading.


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